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Uses for Tobacco, Other Than Smoking It!

When most people think of tobacco they think of smoking, cigars, and generally other negative uses for the plant. However, whether the tobacco is tobacco bel air md or any other type of the plant, it has certain uses that some people might not know about, uses that aren’t all bad.


Nicotine in tobacco is often used as an insect repellent, and often gardeners use organic tobacco to drive away pests such as aphids, centipedes, and Leaf Roller caterpillars either on its own or in conjunction with garlic, pyrethrum flowers, and water in different combinations.

It can also be used as a natural pesticide for bacteria while causing bugs to be repelled from the plants to keep the bug population alive, causing a balance between both keeping plants and beneficial bugs alive.

tobacco bel air md


Tobacco was often used for pain relief by Indians and other native peoples, for injuries such as rashes, arthritis, toothaches, and snake bites by using a poultice of tobacco leaves. Smoking tobacco leaves and inhaling the burning smoke can also clear up sinuses and asthma.

 Nicotine can also help calm down an overactive brain such as the brains of schizophrenia patients, ADHD, and Alzheimer’s although this can be addictive and is not recommended for most patients, especially if smoking is involved.


Tobacco is currently being tested as a biofuel for planes and cars by scientists that are seeking to increase the level of sugar and oil in the plant. This will create a clean brand of fuel that will not only cheapen the price of your next plane ticket or trip to the gas station but also help clean up the earth and stop our reliance on fossil fuels.


Tobacco does have more uses than just being a nicotine addiction for cigars and cigar lovers, and by using the benefits of the plant wisely, it might help solve some of the earth’s biggest problems.

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